Excel VBA and Macro training

Introduction to Visual Basic


VBScript Concepts like Data Types, Keywords, Statements, Constants, Variables and Scoping etc. Understanding Objects, Classes, Properties, Methods, Events., VB Functions etc. Visual Basic Editor Options


Writing your First Hello World Program with Various Input and Output Objects


About objects in VBScript Introduction to Excel Library Objects Using the Loop and Control Directive Structures Smart Coding to Reduce lines of Code and Optimise Performance


Introduction to Windows Script Host


Script Commands and Shell Command Exploitation Writing Macros with JavaScript an Introduction Projects 1 - 10


Introduction to Other MS Office Application


Library Objects Controlling Word, Outlook etc. from Excel Windows Programming with Windows Object Control and Coding Project 11 - 20


Application Development, Add-in Development with VBA Securing Code and Security Tricks


Automation Techniques Project 21 - 50 (15 - 20 Home Work)